Adoption of DATAMEM Formation Schema - Confirmation of Testing Date Availability

As previously advised, we will be supplying the image of the Memorandum of Association that we create from Wednesday 19th May via v3.6 of the schema - in addition to the Certificate of incorporation. We’ll supply both these images as a 2 page document via the DocRequest polling procedure (Document Key).

Page 1 will contain the Certificate of Incorporation – Page two will contain the Memorandum of Association (up to 46 subscribers allowed per page). These PDF images are legal proof of company registration.

Unfortunately, we will not now be able to supply a testing facility on Thursday 15th April as previously suggested. However, we can confirm that this test facility will be available on Thursday 22nd April. As with the current test process for the Certificate, dummy data will be returned for Memorandum of Association image.


Hi @snicholas,

Is there a way that our test submissions can be accepted and the memorandum of association document made available automatically or is this something that we need to request for each submission?

At the minute we appear to only get a Rejected status

Comment: See reject reason
Telephone: Fred Blogs
Rejection Code: 1
Description: Random Test mode rejection

Or a Pending status with the following notice:

Comment: Pending review of attachment
Telephone: Fred Blogs

Kind Regards

Morning Paddy,

For formation tests, CH still does need to individually change the status of each - I will have a look what is there now.


Paddy. Its impossible to check your tests as you have sent lots in with the same submission number, this is partly why our responses have been so muddled.

Can you please submit fresh tests, always using a submission number incrementally higher than the last, for each test.


Thanks Simon,

we think we have it sorted now. It did appear to be an issue where we were reusing the same submission number from our test account.

Kind Regards,

Thank you for the confirmation Paddy.