CompanyIncorporation Authoriser element


Currently I am working with a company, developing a piece of software which will allow other people to incorporate companies through it. In the XML schema for company incorporation, there is the <Authoriser> element which can either take Agent, Solicitor, Subscribers, or Member as an option. I am unsure as to whether my company would count as an agent in this context. Could you provide some clarification please?

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I think you may need to take your own advice on that to be honest Dan - as a registry, its not for Companies House to advise on issues like that - however, if you are offering formations commercially via a product you are creating, the term agent may well apply.



Thanks for the reply. I’m going to assume that we are acting as an agent in this capacity. I am now unsure of who the three <Authentication> values should be about: the person incorporating the company, or someone representing us (the agent)?

One of the subscribers is sufficient to authorise the application Dan.


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