Starting up of new project

I’m creating a project and completely new to this platform and want to know very starting steps like a video can you please guide me about i’ll be very thank full.

Can you please let me know what you intend to do? This forum is relevant to those who wish to, or have already developed, software that allows the electronic filing of company formations and other statutory forms.


I’m working on a website and want to integrate e filling and want to know the procedure completely how to form data and send it to

Can you please guide me where to setup a testing account

Please supply me with your full email address and I will send you relevant instructions.


My Email is:

I got this error
CH_XML_Gateway 100 fatal XML failed schema validation: XML error: The schemaLocation attribute does not contain pairs of values. line 24 column 205

on submission of name search xml from this.

Name Search is relevant to our XML Output product (it cannot be done through our XML filing service).

This remains available as a chargeable product (a limited number of features remain chargeable and a small monthly subscription is required - name search is free however) - it is essential that anyone wishing to develop access to the Companies House XML Gateway has sound experience in developing software that uses HTTP and XML - the full technical interface specification, data schemas, prices, details of the information you can access through the Gateway and FAQ’s can be found on our website via the following link.
You can access all relevant XML Gateway information here:

Th specification of the authentication appears below – you will need to employ this method to access the Gateway. This method offers a secure route, employing MD5 encryption, into the Gateway. Failure to use it correctly will result in ‘502’ error messages.

To allow you to test the XML Gateway service, I have included details of a test account for the XML gateway below.

Sender ID = XMLGatewayTestUserID
Password = XMLGatewayTestPassword

Please note whatever company information you request using these test credentials, we will return data relating to Millennium Stadium Plc only. Once you’ve confirm that you have successfully used the test account, and have provided us with examples of company/information data download, I will send you an application form for a live account, which you’ll need to complete, sign and return for my private and personal attention to the address below.

I would add that the recently introduced API will fully replace the XML Gateway at a yet to be determined point in the future.

Companies House XML Gateway Output Service

Authentication is performed through a SenderID and Password combination, transmitted to the gateway in an encoded form.

The encoding model used employs MD5 (Internet RFC/FYI/STD/BCP Archives or hashing of the password with a one-time key. The algorithm is thus:

  1. The sender creates a unique Transaction ID (1…32 digits maximum, NUMERIC)
  2. The sender generates an MD5 digest of the concatenation of their senderID, password and transaction ID
  3. The sender submits the request and attaches
    a. Their SenderID
    b. Their Transaction ID
    c. The MD5 digest
  4. The Gateway retrieves the password associated with the SenderID from its database
  5. The Gateway calculates an MD5 digest of the retrieved password and the transaction ID sent in the request
  6. The senders MD5 digest is compared with the Gateway’s MD5 digest and if they match, the sender is authenticated

It is the action of the Transaction ID that makes this encoding one-time-only, therefore it is mandatory that this ID be incremental. You must use a higher number each time, do not use random strings it will cause the system to freeze and you will receive a 503 error message.

For example:
Given a SenderID of My_SenderID, a password of This_is_my_private_password and a transaction ID of 14456553, the MD5 digest of My_SenderIDThis_is_my_private_password14456553 would be generated - producing e999e113407884fa410fa2f53bc23952

The authentication information supplied by the sender to the Gateway would be:
• My_SenderID
• 14456553
• e999e113407884fa410fa2f53bc23952

Details of the XML elements used to transport these authentication details are described in the message envelope documentation.

Please note this MD5 hash process should not be used for XML Software Filing.

Thank you very much it helped allot

@snicholas could you help me to get the informations regarding developing a program for incorporating new companies please

Hello, please accept my apolgies for the delay in responding.

Please email me at and I will send you the specification, instructions for testing, and also for applying for a test account.


Hi Simon, I already contact you about our company software XML API development with Company house.
but Sir, still our development team not get clear picture on how to create testing account from the source of document which we have currently. So, can you please guide me where to setup a testing account.

To enable the activation of a test account, please provide us with the following information:

Presenter Name -
Presenter Contact Name -
Presenter Address -
Presenter E-Mail Address -
Presenter Telephone Number -

With the exception of the address, the contact details are generally those of the developer, as contact during testing is mainly with the development team, not necessarily the presenter/company.

Please respond to at


Thank you so much Sir. i will contact you with the details through email.