Checking for Company Incorporation Submission Status

Hi again,

Now that we have successfully seemed to have submitted a test company incorporation through the XML gateway (or at least with no errors reported) we are trying to form the correct request for checking the submission status of the incorporation. We have formulated an XML request for ‘GetSubmissionStatus’ using both a PresenterID and SubmissionNumber value. Our XML response is below… Can someone please verify that it looks correct. We couldn’t see any errors but just wanted to make sure… In the testing environment could we expect the status to eventually switch from PENDING to ACCEPTED or REJECTED? or does this environment not have that full functionality?

Thanks again for any help!

XML response from ‘GetSubmissionStatus’ request:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<GovTalkMessage xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns="" xmlns:dsig="" xmlns:gt="" xmlns:xsi="" >
<GatewayTest>***TEST PACKAGE REF***</GatewayTest>
<SenderID>***HASHED VALUE***</SenderID>
<Telephone>Fred Blogs</Telephone>
<Comment>Pending review of attachment</Comment>

That does look ok Rick.

In the test environmment however, it now needs somebody on this side to check the submission / attachments and alter the status accordingly.

I will need to upgrade my test account access to include alpha schemas before I can do that however - please bear with me.