Company Data Request v3.1

Apologies. The capital fix went in last night so you should now TotalAmountUnpaid. Forename issue you mentioned where the schemas are different between when we return middle names as multiple forenames or otherForenames, is because the schemas are inconsistent sorry. So what you get returned for middle names will depend on the schema you are using. The date issue, is because the date has to be either todays date or a date before SBEE if you are trying to file an AR01. Sorry for delay hope that helps.

Two points

  1. The SameAsRegisteredOffice issue remains on PSCs ie


This means that the XML does not conform to the Schema

  1. Also we are not using the Datacheck for an Annual return but for a CS01, the CS01 may not be dated today. Is the intention to make this work for any date apart from the current date?

We are looking at the SameAsRO and SameAsServiceAddres element returning N or Y, which is incorrect it should be true or false as you mentioned so this will go live early next week. Thanks

Please can I seek clarification on the Forename \ Otherforname issues. When using the CompanyData-v3-1.xsd schema for made up dates greater than 01/07/2016. Should we expect

a) Multiple forenames elements
b) One forename and one otherForenames element

The schema seems to suggest that is should be b, but currently a is being returned.


The simple answer is no, the CompanyDataRequest will only return data for the company as at today’s date.



It is incorrect but this is the same for PSCs and Officers, which I dont believe we have changed so we wouldnt want to change it and break the companyDataRequest for others. Although I appreciate its not clear but wary of causing more problems.

Can you please confirm that when the sameasserviceaddress and sameasRO is changed to true or false that the same will be done for SecureAddressInd and SuperSecureIndividual as these are also being returned with N or Y?


HI. We are hoping to change the SameAs flags in tonights release to update to use true/false and we will investigate the secure flags, as I would have the SecureAddressInd that it would always have returned Y or N. We will investigate and get back to you.

Just a quick point there are no false value for the sameas elements in the schema. The value should be true or the element omitted to meet the schema.