Confirmation Statement Submissions

Hi All,

Can I please ask if Companies House are experiencing issues with Confirmation Statements over the past week? We are seeing intermittent errors when attempting to retrieve data for some CS01 forms.


Is there any further update on this this morning? We need to advise our clients whether they should try again this morning to recreate the confirmation statements that were failing to download for them earlier in the week and resubmit any filings that got a rejected or a problem with submission status this week. Thanks.

Hi Marion, Apologies for any inconvenience. I can confirm the issue has been fixed and you can now submit okay.

Thanks for confirming. My colleague received a message from Paula at Companies House on Friday evening so we were able to advise our clients.

We are noticing some further issues today when trying to download confirmation statement data. Has anyone else reported problems or can Companies House confirm if there are still issues?


Hello Marion,

Our systems were operating as normal yesterday.

The filing deadlines may have changed however, as a result of the legislation just passed.