Get Submission Status “polling” Schema

Our original Get Submission Status “polling” schema contained a “string” based company number element that allowed a number to be shown (where required) that included (where necessary) prefix letters.

Subsequent versions have shown this element as an “integer” (numeric digits only) and this has proved problematic for some software developers.

As such, and for consistency, we have today released the following “string” based version:
for those that wish to upgrade.

We will not be retiring any of the current versions however, so there is no need to update unless you wish to.


We have done accounts submissions to Companies House and the submissions are successful. We are getting response to the request send through XML but could not generate poll response.
Can you please help us with the above issue.


Hi Chetna,

You need to let me know when you have submitted fresh tests so I can take a look at them.

I have just changed the status of your latest test and will return the rendered image shortly.


Hi @snicholas,
I have done a fresh submission and the status is showing as pending how can I get poll response for the same.

I will have a look at this as soon as possible, and respond to you via email. I am having difficulty accessing your test account at the moment and may have to delete your older tests to access it.


Can you confirm your test presenter ID please?

Simon N.