Start-up formation agent company seeking advice for software providers

I am in the process of starting a company formation agents business and I need some advice on the ‘best’ software providers for software for incorporation using XML.

I have been in talks with e-filings and they want around £570 for their software and to train me how to use it, then £175 a month for membership. This seems a bit expensive as I am a start-up.

I have also spoke to Jordans and they are sending me more information but they have told me it is around £25 per incorporation using their software but this doesn’t seem like a good deal to me when the price of incorporation on a company formation agents website can be as little as £15.

If anyone can give me as much information as possible that would be great or if they can send me links to threads already covering what i have asked. Thanks. Have a nice day.

Good morning,

Unfortunately, as a Government body, we are unable, as I am sure you can appreciate, to recommend the services of any individual third party provider.

You may not be aware however that we have a list of providers that have successfully developed with us. If not, the relevant link is as follows:

Otherwise, as the number of companies you wish to incorporate may initially be small, our web filing option may be the best option for you:
Set up a private limited company: Register your company - GOV.UK


Thanks for replying. I am just in the process of getting a website built. Does webfiling require software that needs binding to my website? Can you send me all the information on webfiling please? Thanks.

Our web-filing service does not require any software or development. You just click on the link I supplied earlier and follow the instructions to incorporate. Further details as follows:

.1 What is the Web Incorporation Service?
It is a secure system for customers to submit their applications to incorporate a company online.
1.2 Who can use the service?
This service can be used by anyone who wants to incorporate a private limited company limited by shares, adopting model articles; and meeting the requirements of the Companies Act 2006. The Web Incorporation Service is not suitable for bulk use, i.e. those customers regularly filing large numbers of company incorporations. For bulk filing, the Software Filing service is more suitable.
1.3 Do I need any special software on my computer?
You will need an Internet connected PC or Mac, with a W3C compliant internet browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer v6 or later, Firefox v3, Safari v3 or later, Opera v9 or later, Chrome v0.2 or later). Your browser must have JavaScript enabled and be capable of supporting 128bit SSL.
You will also need to have a working email address able to receive attachments; and Adobe Reader to view the Memorandum of Association and Incorporation Certificate attached to the email.
1.4 Are there any service limitations?
The service is currently available for the incorporation of a private company limited by shares, adopting model articles.
1.5 When is the service available?
The online service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service will only be unavailable for essential maintenance at scheduled times - these times will be advertised on the sign in screen.
Due to the need for document processing at Companies House, documents can only be examined during Companies House’s working hours of 7:30am to 6:30pm, Monday to Friday.
1.6 How much does it cost?
To submit your company incorporation the fee is £15. The only additional costs to you will be your telephone or broadband charges whilst online.


Hi, I have just read your post and think we can assist you with your requirements. We are a company formation agent and we have developed a free product which allows you to incorporate companies electronically on your own website. There is no start-up fee or monthly maintenance costs. Briefly how our incorporation software works is we provide you with an Iframe which is inserted into your website, using this Iframe your clients can electronically enter there details which are then submitted to companies house. Please find out more by clicking on the link below:
If you would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact us on 01302 729041 or email
Good luck with your new venture.
Kind Regards
Emily Laycock
Operational Manager

Thanks for the reply Emily. This seems ok but can you call me and explain in more detail please.