UK GAAP referenced Accounts filings - Rejection date confirmed

I refer to my recent posting confirming that Companies House are removing the ability to reference the old UK GAAP framework (which was replaced in 2015 by FRSs 100, 101 and 102).

As also advised however, we are still seeing non-compliant vendor accounts filings that are still referencing this pre 2015 UK GAAP regime, and now urgently need to validate to reject these submissions going forwards.

From Monday 3rd October 2022 therefore, Companies House will indeed introduce validation that will automatically reject submissions of this nature.

I have in the past week or so responded to a number of vendors who have contacted me regarding the above, and have confirmed to each whether or not their software is responsible for some of the non- compliant filings, and remain happy to hear from any other concerned vendors who would wish for further clarification.