Unable to find AD05 xsd


When registered address is changed from/to Wales, we need to submit AD05 along with AD01. We are trying to submit using XML gateway but couldn’t find the schema in XML input gateway for AD05 submissions. Any help is welcome and thank you.

i will have a look and come back to you.


There is only one schema for changing the registered office:


Form Companies House website:
Change situation of England and Wales or Welsh company (AD05)
Use above form to change the situation of the registered office address of a company registered in England and Wales or Wales.

Reference: Change situation of England and Wales or Welsh company (AD05) - GOV.UK

Please check above info. It is mentioned to submit additionally AD05 if registered address changed from/to Welsh. This AD05 form xsd can’t be found.

As I explained earlier, there is only one “Change Registered Address” schema.

If the options available do not allow you to do what you want to do, you may have to file on paper.

I am trying to obtain clarification for you however.


I have now had confirmation that you do indeed still need to file this on paper, there is no software enablement for this filing.


Thank you @snicholas for the confirmation

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