XML schema questions

I am reviewing our Companies House requests and making updates to bring us into alignment with the current schemas and I have a few questions I am hoping someone can help with.

The base form submission schema has a new field CustomerReference, Does anyone have a description for this or information on what it would be used for?

One of my tests against the confirmation statement failed seemingly due to me having a large number of SIC codes present.

Invalid XML: Element ‘SICCode’ is not valid for content model: ‘(SICCode,)’ line 47 column 15

The schema doesn’t include one but is there a limit to the number of elements?

And with regards to the Brexit transition will the new schemas become available on the non-rc URLs, i.e. ConfirmationStatement-v1-2.xsd or will the ConfirmationStatement-v1-2-rc1.xsd URL be with us for a while?


Hi Arthur,

Customer Reference is optional as far as I know - I will look into that.

SIC Codes - from memory, there is a limit - I will have to check.

rc refers to release candidates as the schemas concerned are not yet live - from 11pm on 31st December when these do go live, you will have to remove the rc elements, as well as the BETA ones if you have been testing to the BETA platform.


Were you able to find out about the SIC code limit?
If there is one what is the recommended behaviour when a company has got more codes assigned than that?


I still need to check on the SIC limit - please bear with me - it`s very busy here at the moment.


It`s a limit of 4 Arthur - I have just checked that on the relevant Base Type.