AD01 Schema validation failure due to grave accent in the company name

We are trying to file an AD01 for a company that has a grave accent in the name.

We are using the following schema:

Here is the relevant segment of our source XML.

        <CompanyName>##### COMM`S LTD</CompanyName>

We are getting a schema validation failure as the name does not match your regex.

Text:XML failed schema validation: Invalid XML: Datatype error: Type:InvalidDatatypeValueException, Message:Value 'RASGAD COMM`S LTD' does not match regular expression facet '[-,.:; 0-9A-Z&@$£¥€_'"«»‘’“”?!/\\()\[\]{}<>*=#%+a-zÀ-ÖØ-ſƒǺ-ǿẀ-ẅỲỳ]*'.  line 28 column 53

Any assistance with this would be much appreciated, thanks.

This is an invalid character in XML. It should be replace with &apos;

  How to safely escape invalid XML characters
  Invalid XML Character	Replaced With
  <	&lt;
  >	&gt;
  "	&quot;
  '	&apos;
  &	&amp;

It’s not an invalid XML character as if it were it wouldn’t even reach the point of schema validation. It’s not an apostrophe (although that’s mostly likely what was intended), it’s a grave accent so it should not need to be escaped.

The problem is this character is not included in the regular expression rule for the company name.

‘[-,.:; 0-9A-Z&@$£¥€_’"«»‘’“”?!/\(){}<>=#%+a-zÀ-ÖØ-ſƒǺ-ǿẀ-ẅỲỳ]

Good morning,

Can you please send the full XML request and response data to
so it can be looked at.


Hi Simon,

I’ve just forwarded that on to you.