Adoption of DATAMEM Formation Schema UPDATE

Conversations with third party developers have revealed concerns that clients would no longer be able to receive a copy of the Memorandum of Association currently created within their products.

Companies House has now therefore agreed to supply the image of the Memorandum of Association that we create - in addition to the certificate of incorporation. We’ll supply both these images as a 2 page document via the DocRequest polling procedure (Document Key).

This functionality is planned to be internally tested next week by Companies House and a further communication will be provided once the testing is complete - I hope this meets with your approval.

Please note – although we will not retire the current schema v3.3 until 19th May, you can develop and use the v3.6 variant now if you wish:


I will respond further soon with more details and an example of the Memorandum of Association image text that we will create for the public record.