After form Submission, If there are any errors will Companies House throw all in a single Response or It will throw one error at a time as shown in below sample?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 1.0 Accounts error 14 1 2023-12-15T07:05:46-00:00 sampleSender CHMD5 sampleValue Accounts 9999 fatal ix:resources not found in input document set.

If the rejection is via the automatic validation, as this was, it will just be the one rejection reason - if the rejection is from a query handler / examiner, multiple rejection reasons may be highlighted.


Thank you Snicholas for your quick response.
Could you please help us to know the below details.
In the Response of the GetSubmissionStatus we were seeing only one “Error” element. It would be great If you share the sample response with multiple rejection reasons. So that we can use that response for our Implementation.

This would have been rejected automatically via the validation built into the front end of the system so one rejection reason is normal.

We do not share lists of rejection reasons as:

  1. They differ for every type of form submission
  2. They regularly change due to legislation / policy changes etc.
    3 Examiners also have free text options.


Hi Snicholas, we completely agree with you, but we are expecting sample xml response having multiple Rejection reasons.

I don`t quite know what you mean.

Can you please supply an example of your full xml submission test data and our system response to and I will take a look.

I regret this will not be possible now until after the Christmas Holiday though.