& in Company detail XML responses

Over the last few months, with differing regularity, we have been getting & and &quote; sent back to us in CompanyDetails and CompanyData responses instead of & and &quote; for an & and '.

We have seen this in many different fields:

  • Company Name
  • Surname
  • PSCPlaceRegistered
  • Occupation
  • AddressLine
  • CareOfName
  • ShareClass
  • PrescribedParticulars

It only happens maybe one in a hundred requests that would return an & or ', and if we make the request multiple times, eventually the gateway responds with the correct valid xml.

It also seems to happen mostly in peak hours when most request are being made. It’s timing and frequency seem very similar to how often we received ngsrv messages, and this only started after that was resolved.

Is anyone else getting responses with those issues?