AR01 Annual Return status after 30/06/16

hi there, will the AR01 Annual Return be completely removed from Companies House systems after 30/06/16 ? What if a company had a AR01 Filing Due Date of 29/06/16, but tried to file it within the 28 day grace period , would they receive an error message ? Will only the new Confirmation Statement be excepted after 30/06/16 ? thanks

apologies for delay: Companies will be able to file an Annual Return via our electronic and paper systems after 30/06/2016, as long as it is made up to a date on or before 29/06/2016. (This will allow for instances where the 28 day filing period ends after 30/06/2016, or where the Annual Return is late.) This facility will remain until further notice and we will communicate any changes to this approach to our customers in advance.