Base Type Schemas Deprecated


I’ve noticed on the XMLGW site (Companies House XML Gateway Input - Schema Status) that two of the base type schemas (baseTypes-v3-1.xsd and PSCBaseTypes-v1-0.xsd) have now been marked as deprecated on the 13th July 2016.

However, this doesn’t look right as these schemas are still in use by the latest forms, e.g. the IN01 and LLIN01 schemas, use both of these base type schemas.

Can someone please investigate this?

Many thanks

Apologies it is being changed to 5/9/16 to match the incorporation schema changes


Thanks for this.

With regards to the Incorporation changes, our understanding from the email Simon sent to us was that the you were only deprecating v3.0 of the Incorporation schema, so that v3.1 of the Incorporation schema was the only ‘live’ schema supported.

There is no mention the base types the schema calls is being deprecated too, i.e. the latest v3.1 of the Incorporation schema uses baseTypes-v3-1.xsd and PSCBaseTypes-v1-0.xsd.

Will you be issuing a new Incorporation schema?, i.e. CompanyIncorporation-v3-2.xsd

Also, will there be a new Company Statement schema?, i.e. ConfirmationStatement-v1-1.xsd

Both the latest versions of these schemas (Incorporation and Confirmation Statement) still call baseTypes-v3-1.xsd and PSCBaseTypes-v1-0.xsd

It doesn’t make any sense why these base type schemas are being deprecated.

Many thanks


Is there an update on this?

This will affect all software vendors, as I said above, pretty much most of the latest schemas still reference baseTypes-v3-1.xsd and PSCBaseTypes-v1-0.xsd.

So will there be a new Incorporation and Company Statement schema so that it references the newer base types that are now ‘live’?

Many thanks

HI. After investigating we have removed the deprecation dates from the two base types, it was done in error when we updating another schema. Sorry for confusion, the incorporation does have a deprecation date of 5/9/16 which is correct.

Do you (or could you) publish planned deprecation dates? Also, when you release a new schema version, I can’t find the associated change control documentation showing the differences between the new version and the version immediately preceding it?

HI. All dates around schemas as published here, also with big impact changes our customer care team will email software developers informing them of pending changes. Before the release of SBEE we were updating all schema changes here. SInce that point we have had individual releases of schemas to fix issues and there have been specific posts to explain new release. We can be a lot clearer in our documentation going forward, is there a schema in particular that you need help with?