Behaviour of the flag RegistersHeldOnPublicRecord for LLP companies

Hello there, I’ve got 2 questions about the incorporation schema 3.1

  1. On the Company Incorporation schema is my understanding correct that if we set:

    RegistersHeldOnPublicRecord.Registers.* == 1

the officers’ information will appear in the public records?

For example, the directors’ group description says: Indicates if the company is electing to keep its Register of Directors information on the public record.

Meaning that 1 == electing; and 0 == not electing

Is this interpretation correct?

My guess is that the interpretation is the opposite because we’re not setting that flag and we can see the officers information for the LLP we incorporate on the public register. And this takes me to my second question:

  1. My interpretation of the consequences of not electing for the information to appear on the public record means that the people’s list of the company will not list any members.

Is this the case? Or my understanding of the consequences of that flag is wrong?


Good morning,

Your understandlng is indeed correct - if the flag is set as 1, the relevant register will be held at Companies House, on the public record forever (even if the company subsequently elects to reverse this decision). The main disadvantage is that any register held on the public register will risk the officers FULL date of birth being shown.

I hope this clarifies.