BETA PSCBaseTypes & baseTypes locations

On the beta site which was circulated last week, CompanyIncorporation-V3-0-rc2.xsd references “PSCBaseTypes-v1-0-alpha6.xsd" and “baseTypes-v3-1-alpha2.xsd". These two additional schema’s are not available on the beta site. However they are available on the alpha site. Can I assume the versions of these files on the alpha site are those that I need?

@paula_brady Apologies, a mistake on our part. We will rectify as soon as possible.

Nigel Preece

I’m getting an error saying “Cannot Resolve The Name ‘UKAddressType’” when I try to run validations against this schema. Is this part of the same problem?

@MRB I don’t recognise this error. Please can you send you xml to @snicholas and we’ll take a look


Nigel Preece