Business Validations - Website not loading


I’ve noticed that the “Business Rules/Validations” website is no longer available ( I’ve also tried (

Is this correct?

Many thanks


Thank you for your e-mail.

The alpha and beta website links you mention were only effective in the period leading up to 30 June 2016, when the Small Business Act related software changes came into force.

We are aware there is a need for information of this nature, but our priority at the moment is to ensure our software is updated to reflect the next set of changes that come into force on 26th June (date to be confirmed.

We will however look into the possibility of offering something similar as soon as resource allows.


Thanks Simon.

The website was useful to us, and so having a reference point ensured we were developing our application in line with what was being expected. I’m sure other software vendors appreciated the website being available too.

Therefore, do you think there will be something in place when the next set of changes come into force on the 26th June 2017?

Many thanks

Apologies for the delay in responding on this.

It has been discussed in the past few days, and I am awaiting the input of our senior product manager before I comment further.

I don`t wish to raise your expectations however as there are reasons why reinstating this would not be practical at this moment in time.

I will respond further as soon as possible.


Good afternoon,

As promised, I have now had chance to discuss your request with relevant senior management both at analyst and product manager levels).

Unfortunately, I can confirm that we will not be reinstating this in the near future for the following reasons:

  1. Considerable updating would be required to include all the revisions that have come into force since June 2016.

  2. This facility was introduced prior to the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment (SBEE) Act June 2016 changes (as an additional developer tool) due to the complexity of the legislation involved. The changes planned for June 26th 2017 however are comparatively minor, and we feel that the revised technical specification and schemas should be sufficient for developers to progress their changes.

Going forward, we will revisit what we can offer to software providers / developers when we move over from XML to a Restful JSON platform. Our planning for this is now taking shape and I would hope to announce further details during the Summer.

I appreciate this may seem disappointing – our draft XML specification for 26th June is now available on request, and the revised schemas will be available very soon.