Cannot find iso3currency XSDs

I am trying to generate .NET classes to create forms for the input XSDs however I cannot find some referenced XSDs, pertinently the iso3currency*.xsd files referenced from the baseTypes-v3-4.xsd . The missing XSDs are:

  1. iso3currency_current-v1-0.xsd referenced from vocabularies/iso3currency_current.xsd

  2. iso3currency_all-v1-0.xsd referenced from vocabularies/iso3currency_all.xsd

Do we have to create these ourselves or are there standard ones?

After a bit of fiddling about, I found them here (respectively)

However, there is no way of telling if these are the latest as I simply went by what version was referenced in the include directives, but this could be wrong as I still found most input XSDs still referencing baseTypes-v3-1.xsd despite it being flagged as deprecated.
Is it possible to provide a rolling zip archive of the live XSDs on the inputs XSD download page?

Good afternoon,

Firstly apologies for the delay in responding to your query.

These are indeed the latest versions of the relevant currencies.

We only release new versions of our schemas when we need to (usually due to legislative change which requires form and validation revisions).

I hope this clarifies.


Good afternoon and better late than never.
Is there any particular reason why the links to these are not listed in the schema downloads area?

My other query was about the other schemas still referencing the baseTypes-v3-1.xsd when that schema is clearly marked as deprecated (with baseTypes-v3-4.xsd flagged as being the live version). Are there plans to update these?


I was not involved with the software side of the operation when this schema page was first created so can`t really comment on that - I will ask however and get back to you.

The term “deprecated” means (in this instance) that the schema is still active, but is no longer supported - we would encourage all software developers using deprecated schemas to upgrade to a newer version as soon as time allows, as they will in time indeed be retired.

We will always endeavour to give developers sufficient notice of retirement however.


What do you mean by “schema downloads area” please?, as these do appear at the bottom of the list that contains all the other schemas?


The two files in the vocabularies directory reference a (convolutionally) further 4 files. It is these 4 files that are not listed there (and these are the real currency files).

Thank you for the clarification.


Sorry for the further delay - I have been away from the office due to a family emergency.

You raise a valid point about these links - I have now raised it internally and would hope to get these links added in due course.


I’m getting errors trying to generate stub classes in Java using JAXB. When I mvn compile i get the following error:

org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: A class/interface with the same name "com.hoxtonmix.companieshouse.CurrentIso3Currency" is already in use. Use a class customization to resolve this conflict.

I had to download iso3currency_legacy-v1-0.xsd and iso3currency_legacy.xsd as they are referenced in iso3currency_all-v1-0.xsd - any ideas how I can move forward?

I will have to take some advice on this for you Ben.


You can reproduce the issue from this small project I put in github demonstrating the problem - hopefully thats helpful.