Can't call method "bind_param" on an undefined value

Hi there,

We’re testing out submitting a confirmation statment to the beta gateway but every request we submit gets the following response returned:

    <Text>Can't call method "bind_param" on an undefined value</Text>

We’re validating the XML against the XSDs before we send it and they’re reporting that it’s structurally sound. I thought maybe we were missing some detail in our PSCs element so we’ve scaled it back to just sending a single PSCStatement, but we still get the same problem.

This is a snippet of the XML we’re sending

<ConfirmationStatement xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns="">
				<PrescribedParticulars>BLAH BLAH BLAH</PrescribedParticulars>

Is there something we’re not doing/doing wrong or some combination of data that we’re missing? Anything you can do to point us in the right direction would be much appreciated.



Its not you doing anything wrong we have a problem on Beta with the confirmation statement which we are investigating, thanks