Change to Presenter Account Application (Non fee bearing Statutory Accounts filings)

  • As software vendors will be aware, if a user wishes to file company accounts and documents with Companies House using software, they will need to first apply for a presenter account.
  • As part of our future plans to move to software-only filing of accounts, we have modernised this process and replaced the existing pdf form with a new online automated service.
  • Users will be able to apply for and receive their presenter ID and code almost immediately, rather than having to wait up to 5 days for the request to be processed.
  • This service is only available for users filing company accounts and documents that do not have a filing fee. Users will still need to complete the relevant pdf forms if they wish to file documents with a fee (formations / CS01 etc.) or charge (mortgage registration).
  • Currently you may direct users to this page to get their presenter ID and code - Apply for a Companies House online filing presenter account - GOV.UK (
  • This page will be updated and replaced by new guidance pages from the 3 June which will link to the relevant new service. You may wish to update any links to this new url - (this will not be live until 3 June ).