Charges - Detailed List


I see on the public-api I can get a detailed list of charges here:

On the XML API I can create & update a charge via the below forms:

Is there anywhere on the XML API I can get a detailed list of charges associated to a company or is the public API more comprehensive?


Hi Johnny - I will need to check for you but the information should be broadly similar.

We also have a streaming service on this API where data can be streamed out to customers who wish to consume this feed (and includes charge filings).

Here is the link for further information: Streaming API: Specification summary


Thanks Simon,

I found these resources below for the XML API that are related to charges but they don’t seem to be as comprehensive as the public API. That was the reasoning for my enquiry above, I was expecting a charges.xsd with the relevant information.

If we allow users to create/update charges via XML forms then it would make sense to use the data from the same API to load the data initially, it’s more likely to have the same characteristics. However it seems like the public API may be the better resource for getting existing data going forward.

Morning Johnny,

The Developer hub API will eventually replace the XML gateway completely, although this is still some way off.

The XML platform is currently therefore the only way to register and satisfy charges via software.

As XML is a legacy platform, it will not be possible to improve the data returned from this medium unfortunately.


Thanks Simon, I have what I need now, much appreciated.

Thanks for letting me know Johnny.