CIC Incorporation by XML

Does the encoded CIC36 sent with the formation need to be signed or are the electronic signatures of the incorporation itself sufficient?

As a follow up to this can I confirm that the FILENAME element in the DOCUMENT block is optional? In the example XML it is used, however I don’t think we currently send it with other documents we submit.

Hello Ash,

The encoded CIC36 DOES need to be signed (as there is no way to authorise this in the XML submission data).

I think the filename is mandatory, it has certainly been used in the CIC filings to date - I can check on this for you however.


Thanks Simon.

I just checked to confirm, but we don’t send filenames with memorandums or other supporting documents. So I suspect that if they are omitted it just assigns some kind of default for them.


We should be sending a live CIC incorporation through soon so I can amend this post based on whether or not that works without one.


When you are ready to submit your first CIC incorporation, can you please email both Jason Scanlon and and myself in advance, so we can alert relevant colleagues.

Many thanks!

Will do. Hopefully some time today, but we’re still waiting on the signed form.

Hi Ash,

I am about to send you an email.