Company Data Download & Super Secure PSC

In an earlier post on this forum, Companies House said, “Companies House will not allow any companies who have a PSC who is super secure to file any PSC transactions electronically, all filings for PSC01-PSC09, Confirmation Statement, elect and withdraw of a PSC register and Incorporation must all be filed on paper. This means if you have 1 PSC who is super secure and 3 non secure PSCs all filings for any of those PSCs will all be required to file on paper.”

Can I ask, if a company has at least 1 Super Secure PSC, how does that affect requesting data electronically from Companies House via CompanyData-v3-1.xsd? If a company has 1 PSC who is super secure and 3 non secure PSCs, will the details of the 3 non secure PSCs be included in the Company Data Download, or in the case of having a super secure PSC, does the ‘ban’ on electronic transfer of data also extend to the Company Data Download as a whole?

HI. So we have just added a normal PSC and a super secure company in test and this is what you would get back when doing a companyDataRequet, hope this helps:

         <LegalPersonName> Alison Jones</LegalPersonName>
           <Street>Crown Way</Street>
           <County>South Glamorgan</County>
           <Postcode>CF14 3UZ</Postcode>