Company Data Download

In the Company Data Download, and specifically the CessationDate element inside the PSCNotification element, how do Companies House interpret this cessation date… does it mark the cessation of one condition (of possibly multiple conditions) by which the entity may be a PSC… or does it mark the cessation of the entity as a PSC altogether?

Its the cessation of the entire PSC, its like the resignation date of a director

In what circumstances will the Cessation Date be populated for a PSC Notification when I do a Company Data Download for a company? Will the Company Data Download contain the past history of all PSC Notifications for that company, thereby including historical PSCs?

Cessation date will not be used, it was there from when we were returning resigned (cessed) PSCs but we decided to stop to match directors as the data is used to file with CH so you wouldnt need resigned data.