Company Data Request 3.2 - does it actually return past directors/secretaries i.e. via "ResignationDate"

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In the “Company Data Request" schema i.e. “CompanyData-v3-2.xsd” it appears that in the list of “Officers” we could get the “ResignationDate” element returned.

So far i’ve not seen the “resignation” date populated in any company data returned.

Question: Is it actually possible to get “Past Officers” for a “Company Data Request" or does it always just give the “current” officers?

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Hi Alex,

The purpose of the data request is to give companies the opportunity to review information held at Companies House prior to filing a Confirmation Statement. As such, only “current” data is returned.

I hope this clarifies.


Many thanks for the reply Simon,

Yes this does clarify the situation.

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Do you know if there is there any way to get a full list of directors and the resignation dates?

Our XML output service will provide this Arthur - schema as follows: