Company Data Request 3.2

We have released a new version of the CompanyData schema, changing the name forename element to be repeatable and remove “otherForename” element to match the data we are returning, as our schema was inconsistent.

Hi @chirst. With v3.2 of the Company Data schema, I also see that in v3.2 of the baseTypes schema, the CompanyAddressType has a field called ‘CareofName’.

  1. Can I ask, does the current PSCBaseTypes-v1-1.xsd inherit v3.2 of the baseTypes, and does that therefore mean that ‘CareofName’ may be received in the Company Data Download for any element in the PSC Base Types where CompanyAddressType is referenced?

  2. Can we expect an newer version of the PSCBaseTypes to be published where PSCCompanyAddressType might be updated to also include a CareofName element?

CareOf element is something we are trying to remove from our services, if someone needs to provide a care of element you can provide in the first line of the address. Therefore it is intentionally not present for PSC addresses.

Thanks @chirst. Will Companies House be supplying CareofName for PSC addresses in the Company Data download, like the new version of the Company Data schema seems to do for Directors, Secretaries and Members?

Apologies again for late response, slightly hectic with school hols. For new data sets like PSCs we have removed the ability to send us CareOf so you wont get data back for PSCs. thanks

Hi @chirst. I see that in the current schema for the Confirmation Statement, I can upload Other Forenames for a PSC Individual. However, if I then do a Data Download for that company, there will be no ‘OtherForenames’ element to contain them, so I assume that any Other Forenames I pass up in the Confirmation Statement for a PSC Individual will be received back in the ‘Forename’ element of the Data Download.

Is this correct?

If so, isn’t this inconsistent, and isn’t there a risk that identification of the true Forename of the individual could get lost among their other forenames if they have many?

HI. Yes you are correct it will appear in the multiple forename elements. We are aware its inconsistent but as developers have used the companyDataRequest for many years and are used to a certain format we dont want to change it and break it for people. Thanks

Thanks Charlotte. In the Company Data Download, if I receive multiple Forenames for a PSC Individual, will it always be safe to assume that the first occurrence of the ‘Forename’ element will contain the primary name of the PSC Individual that may have been previously submitted to Companies House in, for example, the ‘Forename’ element of the Confirmation Statement? And that the second and subsequent occurrences of the ‘Forename’ element in the Company Data Download will contain the other forenames that may have been previously submitted to Companies House in, for example, the ‘Other Forenames’ element of the Confirmation Statement?

Sorry to chase, but is there any update on this question?

Apologies I could have sworn I answered your question. Yes your assumption is correct the first forename element is the first name and the subsequent forename elements are the middle names (other forenames) in order we received them in.