Company Data Request - No PSC's

Does anyone have an example of a Company Data Request xml call that contains the no psc statement or one of the other statements, i.e. investigating?


@snicholas would you have anything like this available?

I can ask for one to be created Arthur, but I would not be able to guarantee a quick turnaround.


OK, I might be able to get away without that but @snicholas could you confirm this instead?

In the psc base type doc ( it lists the two options for this field, one of them being NO_INDIVIDUAL_OR_ENTITY_WITH_SIGNFICANT_CONTROL.
“SIGNFICANT” is spelt incorrectly.

I presume the base type doc is correct and we need to look for the statement with the incorrect spelling?

I have made the analysts aware of the issue with the incorrectly spelt element Arthur.