Company Data Request v3.1

When will we be able to test the changes for the CompanyData schema v3.1?

We have been informed by Simon that this is not currently available on the ALPHA stage, and to post here for an update as to when it will be available.


We dont intend to make this available before June 30th, currently the service has a handful of companies which returns static xml as we cant allow people to use live companies and auth codes on the test service. We have an example of the alpha site and we published another example last week as someone asked for one with corporate directors. We will look to publish a few more examples over the next few days.

Can you let us know how to poll for those static data request responses?

You cant sorry we havent provided that feature on alpha, we are going to get some examples out on Alpha today

Can you confirm if the CompanyData request will be going Live on the 30th June?

yes it will go live with other legislative changes on 30th june

Please can you confirm on how you expect developers to test the Company Data request if it is not available before the 30th June.
The facility to download the company data to verify that the data at companies house is correct before filing a confirmation statement is essential. Not being able to test this before the go live date seems impractical.

For current service we dont provide a working version of the companyDataRequest we have several companies that you can submit and we return static xml. We have therefore when people have asked for examples they have been posted on the forum. I have more examples following requests:

Invalid auth code
Invalid company number
Multiple PSCs
PSC & PSC linked statement
Company level statement
Corporate directors
Corporate PSC, Legal PSC and person level statement

Resigned officers and PSCs are not returned in companyDataRequest. If you need a different example please let us know.

Thanks for clarifying, can you post the list of valid test companies, I have tried the company numbers in your examples and the ones supplied for PSC testing and I get the error

“Not a valid test company”

Sorry as previously mentioned you can not submit CompanyDataRequest, hence the examples provided

To be clear. You want us to efile confirmations of what you have at CH and you’re not providing any facility for us to use companydatarequest before the live date to get the data that needs confirming?

If this is the case, are you allowing us to re-submit declarations from our databases (either in error or by policy but in either case blind) which may already be present on yours and you will detect duplication on your side without submission failure on our side?

Hi Charlotte,

  1. In this post you provide some examples of the companyDataRequest. As we can’t test it, just to be extra sure, would you mind providing examples with Corporate PSCs?

  2. We are also wondering how the PSC person level statements would show up in the companyDataRequest XML. Do you have any examples?

  3. According to the BaseTypes, ServiceAddressType has only “SameAsRegisteredOffice” as “true” or nothing, but in this example you have <SameAsRegisteredOffice>Y</SameAsRegisteredOffice>. Should the ‘Y’ be ‘true’ instead (and no SameAsRegisteredOffice element is ‘false’)?

  4. In this example you have the nature of control OWNERSHIPOFSHARES_25TO50PERCENT_AS_PERSON but the PSC Basetypes do not specify this nature of control. I assume that in the example, OWNERSHIPOFSHARES_25TO50PERCENT_AS_PERSON should be OWNERSHIPOFSHARES_25TO50PERCENT. Is the assumption correct?

  5. In this example you have a director with multiple Forename elements. But in this incorporation XML the <OtherForenames> element is used instead. Which one is correct?


Thanks for query we will get you some examples through shortly

1 & 2) - Here is an example with a person level statement, legal person and corporate person

  1. This is as per live now, it is inconsistent

  2. This is a mistake, sorry, which we are putting a fix in for shortly and I shall correct the examples.

  3. This is an inconsistency rather than a mistake sorry.

The live company data request is returning N for the sameas elements, Also the statement of capital does not match the Schema it is the old version containing the unpaidamountpershare.

Also should I be receiving this error message for made up dates prior to today?

Request date must be today’s date or before 30/06/2016

We are looking into the issue with capital and will get back to you ASAP. Do you have an example of a company returning ‘N’ for sameAs as I cant see that problem sorry. Can I ask what date you were using please for the other issue please. thanks

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The date I used was 01.07.2016, company number 10259776 returns

>  <PSCs>
>             <PSC>
>                <PSCNotification>
>                   <Individual>
>                      <Forename>@@@@@@@@</Forename>
>                      <Surname>@@@@@@@@@</Surname>
>                      <ServiceAddress>
>                         <SameAsRegisteredOffice>N</SameAsRegisteredOffice>
>                         <Address>

Data request

    <Keys />
    <CompanyDataRequest xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

thanks - can i just check what date do you use when you get this error:
Request date must be today’s date or before 30/06/2016

The first of July 2016

Is there any update on this issue?