CompanyDataRequest - SameAs and Address fields


RE: CompanyDataRequest (we’re using 3-1 but I don’t think these questions relate to any changes for 3-2).

For the two tags <SameAsRegisteredOffice> and <SameAsServiceAddress>

  • according to baseTypes-v3-1 these two values should only be true (ie. they can’t be false)
  • for officers (eg. directors) it does seem to work like this (we haven’t seen any false)
  • for PSCs the tag seems to always show (both true and false) - is this behaviour correct? will it always be like that?

Also, regarding <Address>

  • can you confirm that for PSCs the <Address> will always show, regardless of whether the SameAs tag is there?

Yes the address is returned as well as the sameAs flags. PSCs is inconsistent and returns false as well as true and we arent looking to change it at the moment.

Which is correct for the Data Download?.. for a PSC, if SameAsAregisteredOffice = true, then the address element will be returned but it will a. always be empty or b. show address details if they are on the companies house record.

It returns the full address along with the SameAsRO set to true