CompanyDetailsRequest Issue

We make extensive use of CompanyDetailsRequest. As mentioned here (, this response now returns Confirmation Statement details in the various RETURNS elements…

However, the Returns → NextDueDate, is still sending the old Annual Return due date and is out by 14 days.

We can account for this internally, however doing so will create issues again if it’s “fixed” and changed to the Confirmation Statement date. However, even if we apply a 14 day fix internally it looks like it could still cause problems.

For 00844529, where a Confirmation statement has been filed the call is returning


And it looks like the old DueDate for the previous Annual Return is being retained. Which renders the field fairly meaningless going forward. Unless I’ve got very confused by due dates which is entirely possible.

Any chance of this being updated to reflect the actual Confirmation Statement due date?


The newly formed company 10261099 returns


Which is what the Annual Return Due Date would have been. On the beta it shows

First statement date            3 July 2017 

            due by 17 July 2017

We have had several problems with the new dates which we are working through, apologies for the problems its caused you and I hope to get back to you soon with update.

Do you know if this issue is also affecting new Incorporations?

We’re currently seeing the following CH response on all new incorporation requests.

Text:Can’t call method “get_Directors” on an undefined value

Just to confirm, we’re getting this too so I think it’s a global issue. I’ve had a reply back from Charmaine, our customer care manager, who says it’s logged with IT (8:30 this morning).

Although, I think the “get_Directors” error is unrelated to the parent post as we were seeing the date issue in the morning and only saw the “get_Directors” error later in the day.

Thanks we are looking into the issue and will get back to you ASAP