Confirmation Statement: DTR 5 Exemption

If the reporting company’s Trading Status of Shares (DTR 5) determines that on the electronic Confirmation Statement, the company must only report shareholders holding greater than a percentage interest threshold, then;
a. Is that threshold 5% or 3%? (I understand it to be 5% but the CS01 PDF says 3%) and
b. Does that percentage threshold pertain to ‘interest held’ or ‘voting interest held’?

Is there any update on the above?

Apologies @PJ_O_Neill. I’ll try and get you an answer as soon as possible.

Nigel Preece

@PJ_O_Neill Please see below answer on this.

Thanks and apologies for the slow response.

Nigel Preece

We believe that for a company to quote DTR5 then a shareholder must hold 3% or more of the company voting rights. Precise advice on this definition should be sought from Financial services authority.
If a company decides that it fits the definition of a DTR5 issuer, then CH receives no shareholder information on the CS01.
For a company which is trading on a market but is not a DTR5 issuer then shareholders who hold more than 5% of the number of shares should be provided.