Confirmation Statement: requirement to submit all data on record

I believe there is a requirement to submit all Shareholder Details with the Confirmation Statement, not just any changes to Shareholder Details.

Does this requirement also apply to all the other data categories that can be submitted on the electronic Confirmation Statement, (i.e.) SIC Codes, Statement of Capital and PSC?

That is, if I see that Companies House is missing partial data (in any of these data categories) from the company record, but the bulk of the data held (in the data category) by Companies House for the company is accurate, then I must submit all the data in that data category on the Confirmation Statement?

Using SIC Codes as an example, but not limited to SIC Codes, if the company has 3 SIC Codes registered at Companies House, and I know of a 4th that happened since my last Confirmation Statement, on my Confirmation Statement, do I report the 4 SIC Codes or only the 1 that Companies House is missing?

@conor_treanor Yes, you are required to send us all your changes on the Confirmation Statement.

If you subsequently realise you’ve missed an update (as per your example where you may have missed a 4th SIC Code) then you can file another Confirmation Statement, but for a different date.

Or you can file a second filing on paper.

The guidelines I added on here a few days ago cover some of this. Please see

Nigel Preece