Confirmation Statement schema

What is the response schema sent from Companies House after a Confirmation Statement submission ?

Can you please confirm if you will be reusing the existing ARO1 Success & Failure schemas ?

please refer to example below:


      <Description>Some reject text</Description>
      <Description>Some reject text.</Description>

please provide example of Success schema & also provide list of rejection codes and thier meanings

We have not changed the submission status schemas, they are the same for any filings, which can be found here
Sorry we dont publish the reject codes on the xml gateway.


there is no Success schemea on this page, can you please give me an example ?

where can i get the reject codes ? can i email someone in Companies House ?

There is an example under GetSubmissionStatus of a rejection
Here is an example of an accept response

Sorry we have never published the reject codes, if this is something you would like to raise as something we can look at in the future you can contact our product team
Simon Nicholas

excellent, thank you very much for the quick reply

i will contact Simon, as we need to understand why a submission was rejected so as to inform the user how to rectify the situation

You get the reject reason in the reply, the reason and code you get is what the system stores, so not sure what extra detail you are looking for. Do you have an example?

hi Chris, can you please confirm if there are any company types that are not appropriate for sending a Confirmation Statement ?

Do the same company type restrictions that apply to the AR01 still apply ?

i will ask policy to answer this for you
thanks charlotte

Hi, The following entity types will be expected to file confirmation statements:

Limited companies (all types)
Unlimited companies
RTM companies
Royal Charter companies
Unregistered companies
Employers Associations

All other entity types are out of scope.