Confirmation statement shareholder address requirement

The confirmation statement requires a Shareholder element for each Shareholding, in this is an optional Address element.

This might fall under the undisclosed internal business rules but is there any public information on when this Address element is needed?


Shareholder changes can be notified via a CS01 to show changes that have been made during the period covered by the CSO1. it is NOT a mandatory requirement. If a CS01 is used to notify shareholder changes however, it must do so together with a FULL list of all shareholders.

Shareholder addresses are only required for certain traded companies (not DTR5).


Thanks for the clarification, I have 2 followup questions if that’s ok.

Does the confirmation statement not need to include the Shareholdings section? I assumed this had to be on the public record.

Do you know what would make Companies House think a private limited company is traded? Is this information visible in the public data set?

Thank you

I am not sure off the top of my head regarding the trading issue - I would have to have a think about that.

No the CS01 does not need to include shareholdings - it only allows / caters for changes to shareholders and SIC codes, as and when required, as there is no other statutory way of doing so.