Confirmation Statement: Submiting a change that is prior to the PSC Notification Date

In the scenario where, for example, I notify CH of a new PSC and their notification date as 1 Sept 2016, but I subsequently discover that the PSC satisfies another condition from 1 August 2016

Will Companies House validation reject a 2nd Confirmation Statement where I attempt to tell CH of the condition that exists from 1 August 2016, i.e. a change submitted for a PSC cannot be earlier than the PSC Notification date?

Good Morning PJ,

I will get this point clarified for you as soon as I can.



In this instance, the original CS01 ought to have included this information - as such the most straightforward way to resolve this would be to “second file” the relevant part of the confirmation statement. You should do this by filing part 5 of the confirmation statement alongside form RP04 – you should not send in another confirmation statement itself, just the relevant part that contains the information that they are trying to correct.

Please note that the “second filing” procedure can be only be carried out on paper.