Confirmation statement

We dont do any validation on the xmlgw between these two data sets

So, for example, if I use the Confirmation Statement to pass through both ‘Statement of Capital’ and ‘Shareholdings’ data and I include in ‘Shareholdings’ a share class that isn’t included in ‘Statement of Capital’, are you saying that the two data sets won’t be validated and that the share class won’t be raised as a validation error?

Another separate question… in CompanyData-v3-1-alpha5.xsd, why is xs:element name=“Shareholders” maxOccurs=“10” limited to max 10 shareholders, and what happens if the company has 12 shareholders?

The schema allows an infinite number of shareholdings (each of which has a shareholder name) for a company. The limit of 10 is for up to ten joint shareholders ie names on one shareholding. The maximum we have ever received is 6 people owning one share ie 6 joint shareholders.

The validation on the capital and the shareholdings sections is completed on the corporate database and shareholders quoting capital details which are not in the capital section and vice versa will be queried in some situations ie if the company is traded on a market then only certain levels of shareholdings are required to be notified so mismatches will be allowed.


Hi Simon,

In relation to where you replied “In the case of software filers such as yourselves, you will need to give us all the shareholder details - that is the way that that the CS will work with software.”

Does this also apply to the other data categories that can be submitted on the electronic Confirmation Statement, i.e. SIC Codes, Statement of Capital and PSC?

That is if I see that Companies House is missing partial data (in any of these data categories) from the company record, but the bulk of the data held (in the data category) by Companies House for the company is accurate, then I must submit all the data in that data category on the Confirmation Statement?

Using SIC Codes as an example, but not limited to SIC Codes, if the company has 3 SIC Codes registered at Companies House, and I know of a 4th that happened since my last Confirmation Statement, on my Confirmation Statement, do I report the 4 SIC Codes or only the 1 that Companies House is missing?

For the four flags that indicate the companies Trading status (TradingOnMarket, DTR5Applies, PSCExemptAsTradingOnRegulatedMarket, PSCExemptAsSharesAdmittedOnMarket).

Does the same rule apply like the other sections where if only one flag was to change, all four would be expected in the confirmation statement?

Here are the rules for confirmation statement

apologies for delay: Companies are only required to show amending information. However, in order to ensure that the record held at Companies House is correct, it may be helpful to provide all the information. In the example you give about SIC codes, if you provided one SIC code, it would not be possible for CH to work out whether just one code was being changed, and if so which one, or whether they were all being replaced. So for the purpose of clarity, it might be advisable to provide all the information again.