Confirmation statement

The confirmation statement replaces the filing of an annual return. It is a simplified form which will contain changes to information rather than the annual re-statement of company’s details. The statement will be that the company’s filing are up to date or being made at the time of the confirmation statement. More than one statement can be made during a year and only one fee will be payable.
Changes to information on the officers, registered office or company records will continue to be notified on the relevant forms as they are currently. Changes to the company’s principal business activity; trading status; statement of capital and shareholders will be made on the confirmation statement. For existing companies the first confirmation statement will also need to contain information on their people with significant control.

From June 2016, confirmation statements will replace the annual return. You will still have to pay an annual fee for every company on the register. We will collect the annual fee with the first confirmation statement you make. This will be required by the anniversary of the date you filed your last annual return or incorporation. This sets the date when each annual fee is due. Any further confirmation statements you make during that payment year will be free.

Can Companies House tell me more about how their system will engage in electronic conversation with software packages that file electronic confirmation statements?

Sorry could you give me more details as not really sure what you mean. Are you an existing XML gateway customer filing Annual Returns? Are you referring to the companyDataRequest schema which gives you all the data needed to file a confirmation statement? Or payment period information?

Hi Charlotte. I’d like to know more about the CompanyDataRequest and its CompanyDataResponse. Following submission of a CompanyDataRequest, is the CompanyDataResponse sent instantly or is the response scheduled? Thanks.

Sorry there is a problem with the Alpha service returning companyDataResponses. Apologies for the inconvenience, we will look to resolve that issue, in the mean time you can see the sample xml that would be returned:

I will let you know when its available.


Thanks Charlotte. I infer from your response that the CompanyDataResponse should be immediate. Is that correct?

Yes sorry. It will work like the existing CompanyDataRequest and whilst in test mode, you pass in the header the testing flag and there are a set of company numbers which will return you static data. These company numbers and samples will be published in the next release, which will be shortly.

How will people notify CH of changes to SIC code and SAIL address, for example, once the confirmation statement supersedes the annual return?

You will be able to update SIC codes via the confirmation statement but you wont be able to update SAIL details, you would need to file the separate AD02/3/4 forms. For details of what changes can be submitted within a confirmation statement please refer to the latest schema:
Hope that helps


So I can be crystal clear with regard to the Confirmation Statement, is this the way Companies House envisage the electronic conversation happening… I use CompanyData-v3-1-alpha1.xsd to submit a Company data request and then receive a Company data response? Then I use ConfirmationStatement-v1-0-alpha2.xsd to submit a Confirmation Statement? Thanks.

Apologies for delay in responding.
Yes you would request the company data so you can check the latest company information held on the register and then submit a confirmation statement.
We will be publishing next week a new payment period request which you can also use to know whether a payment is required for that submission of the confirmation statement

When submitting a Confirmation Statement, is it correct in the eyes of Companies House for me to send the Confirmation Statement confirming the Companies House data, i.e. true, even if as part of that same Confirmation Statement message I’m sending through data that Companies House are missing from their database, e.g. Shareholdings?

The confirmation statement is confirmation that the companies filings are up to date, and not that the data has been captured.

When using the CompanyData-v3-1-alpha4.xsd to check a company’s data prior to confirming that the company’s filed data is up to date, does the PSCs ‘CompanyStatement’ element in CompanyData-v3-1-alpha4.xsd return all past and present PSC Company Statements, or does it only return current PSC Company Statements? And is it correct that the max # of occurrences of the ‘CompanyStatement’ element is 7?

It will return all active PSCs and active PSC statements, to enable customers to file their confirmation statement. It will not return any ceased PSCs or statements (companyStatement, PSCStatement or linked statements). The max occurs is incorrect, we were originally have a single element for all 7 statements but split them out due to the legal constraints the different types of statements have. This will be changed for this weeks release, thanks.
We will also publish some different examples of the companyDataRequest schema.

If I see that Companies House is missing one shareholding detail from the company record, but all the other shareholding details held by Companies House for the company are accurate, what must I do in my Confirmation Statement? Must I…

  1. send only the missing shareholding detail on the Confirmation Statement OR
  2. send ALL shareholding details on the Confirmation Statement?

HI. Just waiting for policy to confirm details for you

Good morning PJ,

In the case of software filers such as yourselves, you will need to give us all the shareholder details - that is the way that that the CS will work with software.


If both ‘Statement of Capital’ and ‘Shareholdings’ data is submitted on the Confirmation Statement, what validation will Companies House perform between those two sets of data?