Country codes and list of fields

Two questions:

  1. Is a list of valid fields available for the incorporation schema?
  2. In PSCs there is a field CountryOfResidence. I assume that this is the public information and the name of the country should be entered in full. There is also a Country field, which appears to be for the private details and require the ISO code, with regions GB-ENG, GB-NIR, GB-SCT, GB-WLS for the UK and 3 letter codes for other countries. Is this correct and is there an alternative OtherForeignCountry (as for directors)?

@dm1 1. There are some fields where we provide valid list such as in
2. for PSCs.ResidentialAddress.Country where a list of countries is provided as for Directors

We don’t provide the same list for CountryOfResidence, you are expected to provide an appropriate value, such as UK, United Kingdom, Wales, France etc

Nigel Preece