Create Test Company

I’m trying to create a test company only so that I can then try submitting Accounts data. The data for the company doesn’t matter in any way. Alternatively, is there test company info (including the authentication code) that we can simply reference in test Account submissions?

If not, given a valid GovTalkMessage envelope (I’ll omit that part here so I don’t have to redact anything), what is wrong with this CompanyData?

…GovTalkMessage envelope including Body…

<CompanyData xmlns=""
            <CompanyName>Test Company Name</CompanyName>
                <Premise>Example Company LTD</Premise>
                        <Forename>Example Fore</Forename>
                        <Surname>Example Sur</Surname>


                        <!--                        <Nationality>USA</Nationality>-->
                        <!--                        <Occupation>Example</Occupation>-->
                        <!--                        <PreviousNames></PreviousNames>-->
                        <!--                        <ResidentialAddress><SameAsServiceAddress>true</SameAsServiceAddress></ResidentialAddress>-->

                    <!--                    <AppointmentDate>2023-09-01</AppointmentDate>-->


I will need to see the full envelope data etc. before I can try and assist you with what is wrong - as such, can you email the FULL submission data to please, and I will take a look.


Yes, will do.


Thanks, I can see your email, I will have a look as soon as I can this morning.