CS01 - PSC Notices (Additional Statement)

Hi can you please confirm the following.

The scenario is that we have a named PSC where a s790D or 790E notice has been sent and not complied with. We don’t have confirmed details of their nature of control.

In the CS01 form (PDF) do we just complete Section I1 for Additional Individual PSC Statements or do we also have to complete sections F1 & F2 for Individual PSC Particulars leaving sections F3, F4 & F5 blank?

Many thanks, Sarah

If you are submitting a 790E you are required to also supply PSC details, as the statement is linked to a PSC, however this is not required for a 790D as outlined in the CS01 schema.

Thanks, we have this working correctly then.

Just one more question, when filing in paper I understand that we only supply a section of the form if we have information to submit. Where the section would be blank we’re not required to include it in the paper filing.

So if a company has no PSC company statements we’re not required to file a blank section E1, is this right?

Hi Sarah,

Yes - that’s correct.