CS01 : Validation between Statement of Capital & Shareholders

In relation to the electronic filing of the CS01, could you please define the validation between the Statement of Capital and the Shareholders ?

I believe the validation will check if the number of shares balance in both parts, and will reject submission they don’t match exactly (i.e.) Total Number of Shares for a particular currency must equal the sum of the number held for each Shareholding for that currency .

Please confirm.

The validation for the CS01 in terms of capital and shareholders remains the same as the AR01. Here is a link to the validation that we do on the XMLGW which is not part of the schema, but outside of this is done on our main system which will return either an accept or reject.

excellent, thank you for the quick reply, much appreciated

@chirst do you have an updated link to the validations the XMLGW does that are not part of the schema? Would be good to see this for all form submissions, but at least for incorporations and confirmation statements would be very useful.

@snicholas I replied to @chirst but just noticed they haven’t been online since 2016. Do you perhaps have an updated link to the validations they mention?

Ie. http://xmlalpha.companieshouse.gov.uk/validation_html/index.html

Charlotte Hirst left Companies House some time ago Luke.

By validations, I presume you mean rejection reasons?


@snicholas Charlotte was referring to

validation that we do on the XMLGW which is not part of the schema

I took this to mean that this is business logic validation, not necessarily specified in the schemas, but which run automatically as soon as you submit a form submission and immediately returns an error if any issues occur. At a guess, I assume this would cover things like: Director age must be >= 16 years

It seems you had a page which listed all these validations at http://xmlalpha.companieshouse.gov.uk/validation_html/index.html but this link no longer works.

This is something we try not to make public sorry Luke - the automatic validations are many, numerous and change on a regular basis, based on legal advice, legislative change, legal challenges, identity / validation etc.

There is then an ever larger tier of rejection reasons based on our business rules - a fair number of submissions are referred to query handler colleagues if the automatic validation decides further examination is required, and this is when these business rules kick in. The examiners also have free text boxes to use if required.

The presenter would generally not know whether the rejection was automatic or query handler related, although automatic validation rejections would usually be returned quicker.