Disqualified Director indicator not return in dataset

I’m trying to check whether a disqualified director is still actively involved in another company however Officer Details response does not display whether the director is disqualified at all.


Can I assume you are using the XML Gateway Output service?

Have you any example (submission and response) data that you could send to me at
snicholas@companieshouse.gov.uk please?


I have a definitive answer for this now.

There is no disqualified officer indicator on the company records - you would need to manually cross-reference the officer name against the disqualified director database which you can access via the Company Officer search facility.



I did eventually discover that you have to:

  1. Search the company and get the relevant directors forenames and surname out.
  2. Use OfficerSearch and see if there is a SearchMatch tag with Near in it next to forenames and surname
  3. If there is get the personId and then use that on OfficerDetails to see if the director is disqualified.