Duplicate Submission on Rejected AP01

There is duplicate submission returned from Gateway when resubmit for the rejected AP01 even though the submission number is different. May I know how to resubmit for those failed submission on AP01? Thanks.

Hi Jelly,

As long as your submission numbers are always incremental and have never been used before, you should not have a problem.

Please start a new series of submission number, maybe starting A00001 for instance, and it should be ok,


Hi Simon, we do increase the submission number on resubmitting the rejected submission. So, as long as the submission number is unique with previous rejected submission, then it will not hit the duplicate submission? We tested for submitting on rejected submissions with new submission for different forms and received the same rejected reason ‘Duplicate Submission’. Thanks.

Yes, the submission number should always be incremental (higher) than the one used before, and you should never use the same one twice. If this is still an issue for you, you must still be unknowingly reusing one you have used before.

This is why I suggesting you start a completely new series of submission numbers, using digits you have not used before.