ECCT Act - Release of Test Platform for LLP

A basic testing platform, relevant to LLPs is now available.

The platform offers a test of the XML syntax and validation only.

Please note for incorporation - schema has the lawful purpose statement as optional - so it will accept it with or without the lawful purpose statement element for both LLP and LTD. However, the lawful purpose statement must be provided for LTD and must not be provided for LLP.

Testing details

You can use your live presenter credentials - but show Package Reference as 0012 and Test Flag as 1.


Test responses
XML failed schema validation error if the XML request failed validation :x:

Authorisation Failure error if the XML request passed validation :white_check_mark:

The ‘Authorisation Failure’ is nothing to be concerned about.
It’s occurring because the test service is not connected to the live presenter database to check authorisation credentials.
It does mean the XML has passed the syntax and validation checks and is moving onto the next stage of system checks (authorisation) carried out against a submission.