Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill Schema Update

Companies House is currently anticipating the ECCT Bill to receive Royal Assent in July 2023. This date cannot be guaranteed.

The implementation of the new schemas, and retirement of existing ones, is anticipated to be in mid-September 2023. Again, this date cannot be guaranteed, although it is unlikely to be changed to a date any sooner than mid- September.

Companies House is currently working towards new versions of transaction schemas for confirmation statement, change of registered office address and incorporation – and changes to supporting base types.

Depending on whether LLPs are implemented at the same time, will determine whether LLPs will need to adopt the new schema versions.

If LLPs are not implemented at the same time, they will remain on the current version of the schemas.

If this is the case, there will be gateway validation to prevent LLP using the new schemas, and similar validation preventing limited companies using the current version of the schemas.

Companies House is aiming to publish the schemas on 24/25 May 2023. We appreciate this is much later than we originally anticipated and offer our apologies for this.


Hi Simon.

Why is the registered office schema being updated? Is the form AD01 going to be used as the vehicle for notifying a change of Registered Email Address (RAE) or is there some other reason?

Will the REA be one of the company details that is confirmed by way of the confirmation statement and if so, will it be one of the items that is able to be updated via the confirmation statement?

Many thanks

Afternoon Ian,

The AD01 needs updating because the PO Box is being removed and there’s a new ‘appropriate address’ statement needed.

REA will be collected at Incorporation for new companies and IN01 for existing ones.

A new facility will be created to advise changes to REA.

I hope this clarifies.



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