EEA and NonEEA for corporate secretaries (and directors)


I am currently trying to implement the EEA and Non EEA fields from the CompanyData feed (v3.2) as part of the CS01 work but the XML element is always empty - it also appears to ignore if corporate director/secretary has been recorded as a EEA company.

Here is an example:

  • I make a request for company 0123456 which has 1 director and 1 secretary - the director is a person and the secretary corporate

  • I viewed the latest AR01 via and I can clearly see that the corporate secretary is labeled as ‘European Econimic Area (EEA) company’

  • When I request this I get the following XML


Why isn’t the EEA information being populated?


Good morning Mathew,

Thank you for your query - I will look into this and report back as soon as possible.



Having now discussed this with relevant colleagues, we feel there MAY be an issue at our end. Could you please post your full request and response data to