EF LLIN01 - Corporate PSC error


I have just sent a test LLIN01 about 10mins ago to the XMLGW site, and got the error:

Error Raised By: CompanyIncorporation / Number: 9999 / Type: fatal / Location: / PSCRegistrationNumber and PSCPlaceRegistered must be provided as the following has been provided CountryOrState

I have had a look at the v3.1 Incorporation schema, and the PSCRegistrationNumber and PSCPlaceRegistered elements are optional, and not conditional on the CountryOrState element (also optional) being populated.

Can you please confirm if the schema is right or wrong?

Many thanks

Just to add, this affects the standard IN01 too.

If you could please let us know if we should be ensuring those elements are populated too, as the v3.1 Incorporation schema suggests otherwise.


Discussed here: http://xmlforum.aws.chdev.org/t/psccompanyidentification/170

This is something that’s validated at the “business rule” level rather than through the schema. These rules are here: http://xmlalpha.companieshouse.gov.uk/validation_html/company-incorporation.html

Hope that helps!


I looked at the “business rules” you mentioned on http://xmlalpha.companieshouse.gov.uk/validation_html/company-incorporation.html, and I cannot see any mention that if one of the elements “PSCPlaceRegistered”, “PSCRegistrationNumber”, or “CountryOrState” is specified, all three must be supplied.

However, I found it on http://xmlalpha.companieshouse.gov.uk/validation_html/psc-change-corporate.html

Also, should the schemas not reflect the business rules?, or even have some form of note to say these are conditional elements (i.e. you need to refer to the “business rules”).